Jul 19, 2012


For about a year now I've like the style concept of bondage in fashion. It's totally kinky but I don't like it for the use of sex but for fashion. It really is a unique, bold, adventurous accessory. They're probably seen as a taboo and my parents would shake their heads if they saw me in one. Little do they know I'm in the plans of making my own harness (DIY post along with it!). I've yet to see anyone rock these around here in Seattle. Maybe I'll be one of the first.
There are a few shops I've found that sell these items and are used for fashion. 



Sadly, I haven't seen many fashion bloggers use bondage items in their outfits. Yes, plenty of individual rock the chokers and cufss but I mean I haven't seen many harnesses! I've got plenty of homework to do. I need to more bondage use in fashion. Here are some I found online.  
Arabelle, from fashionpriate, rocking a harness.
More outfits incorporating the harness/bondage look.   

If anybody knows of any more online stores that sell harness, chokers, cuffs hmu! Ha.