Sep 29, 2012

Yes ma'am

Last night included of glitter, glue and scissors. A girls favorite trio. With my grandparents now back in Mexico :'( I have my bare room back. To give it a but of pizazz I created a banner.
Gold glitter. Feminism. Hearts. ♡

Sep 15, 2012


So as of lately I've been checking out guys less. The women of my family have always liked to check men out and the about handsome men. It was just something we all did and I picked up. It's not like we were flirtatious but we just really liked bloody handsome men. Hispanic women like that dark brooding buff men so of course they'll rave. Not saying I like that kind of guy!
When I realized I stopped checking guys out I began to worry. Sounds stupid but true. I worried because this was a bad sign. My thoughts and life ways were changing. For good or bad, I'm not sure yet.

Sep 9, 2012


I just bought the Rookie Yearbook on impusle. Regret it? NAW. Being impulsive in this case is good. When it arrives I am sure to cry. Tavi is such a big influence in my life. I see her as a role model. She is the gal that every gal should have as a role model. If I could switch lives for just one day (preferably during Fashion Week hahaha...) it would be with Tavi. She would probably just have an entire day of sleeping so I guess it would be an equal trade. was my go-to website when I had free time or wanted to procrastinate on school work. Since I started working I have not gotten to go on as much as I would want to but I try to keep up.
Anyways, I just wanted to share this with y'all (whoever you are <3).


Update: IT CAME!

Aug 26, 2012


I'm having a mini sale with the shop.

Use the code "VIRGIN" to get 20% off when you spend at least $5.00 on all items (expires at 11:00PM PDT on 08/31/2012).