Sep 9, 2012


I just bought the Rookie Yearbook on impusle. Regret it? NAW. Being impulsive in this case is good. When it arrives I am sure to cry. Tavi is such a big influence in my life. I see her as a role model. She is the gal that every gal should have as a role model. If I could switch lives for just one day (preferably during Fashion Week hahaha...) it would be with Tavi. She would probably just have an entire day of sleeping so I guess it would be an equal trade. was my go-to website when I had free time or wanted to procrastinate on school work. Since I started working I have not gotten to go on as much as I would want to but I try to keep up.
Anyways, I just wanted to share this with y'all (whoever you are <3).


Update: IT CAME!