Jul 14, 2012


Rae, a friend I recently befriended, sent me this super duper cute package. She lives in Singapore and is totally cool. I am so LUCKY to have met her (in the cyberworld duhhhh). She's so kind, talented with art and understands my humor. We're internet kidz who wish they had a wardrobe full of 90s outfits.
I'm guessing that's me in the top left corner harhar 
Kawaii stickers, body jewelry stickers, cute tape, bindis (lots of them!!!!!1!)
 and henna so I can give myself a tat. 
Rae, drew me and herself. I look so qt. I wish I was this cute irl! (*´〜`*) 

Yesterday, my sister and I went to the library to check out some books we put on hold. Six books, which topics are of feminism, gender roles, rape and women studies. They're due August 10 so I have to read quickly but thoughtfully. I decided to start with this book, Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti. I'm on chapter 5 and man, this book rocks. 
Today, I decided to call myself a feminist. I truly believe I am. My life seems so much better now actually. IDK what exact moment of today made me realize this but I know that something triggered inside of me and I feel GR8. TOTEZ GR8. Yesterday, I read through part of this article (it was past midnight = half asleep me. I really need to finish this article) which is the first of many 'feminsit reads' in Arabelle's blog.  I know I've claimed to be a feminist before but this time I feel like it's actually part of my identity. Though, I may not be fully informed in feminism and the riot grrrl world I feel like I am so close to learning. As of now I know just enough to call myself a feminism. I encourage anyone to read about feminism. MY WORLD SEEMS BRIGHTER, HOPEFUL AND AWESOME. 

Oh I also found this website today. I've got soooooo much reading to do. F U N!

p.s the whole blog's look is under co still. my creative juices aren't flowing as well as I'd like them too. :(