Aug 18, 2012

Men are pigs

Today the bus ride to work was horrible. First time I wear a dress to work and I get stares. They really weren't stares that made me feel flattered but more like violated. The dress was mid thigh length but I wore black tights and shirts under. The men in the bus were checking me out as if I was a piece of meat.
Then to make things worse some big guy gets super close to me and stared down my dress. Feeling furious an violates I told him he was way too close to me and to move. I wasn't very nice about it and he got the picture.
The feminist in me wanted to lecture him but my stop was nearing and I'm not that bold. Definitely not letting this get to me. Just wanted to vent a bit.

Other than that incident I think today was a successes. At work I'm getting along with the girls and I'm still getting used to the environment.

Here's two photos of my new boots I bought at work and dress I got at forever 21.
Love and good vibes