Aug 16, 2012

DIY: Spike Studded Choker

Made this a week ago but I was unsure wether to post this here. Since I don't own any chokers except for a velvet one, I decided to make my own since finding one is 1) difficult and 2) expensive.
It's quite easy to make! I will make more and add a better detailed tutorial later.
-Thin black belt
-Studs (spiked, coned--your choice)
-1 pair of snap buttons

First off measure your neck and add about 4 cm, cut the belt according to your neck size. Second, begin to stud your soon-to-be-choker. I did it by hand for better precision. Next, sew on the snap buttons at the ends of the soon-to-be-choker and voila! (*´∀`*)ノ
Easy huh? You can make bravely this way too.
Here is a crappy phone picture of my choker.

If anyone does this share your final product with me!