Aug 16, 2012

Online Shop: Pretty Pastels

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      So as part of my new blogging experience I have decided to promote online shops that I think are worth getting attention! I feel very proud to promote this shop called Pretty Pastels. It's a small shop that sells handmade items such as hair bows, phone charms and jewelry! The owner Syra, makes all the items herself. How awesome is that?! 
Instagram Earrings
BFF Bow Phone Charms
Macarons Phone Charms

     When I asked her about the process when she makes the items she told me, "Well, basically I sketch my ideas first. I try to mimic my vision into the drawings. I do my best to think of things that people and myself would actually buy. Then the FUN part! Making the charms :D It takes a while because working with clay is harder than it seems. I do my best to make them perfect but my products still do have their own unique flaws. When they're done baking, I add final touches(I sand for smoothness.. Gloss them.. And make sure the pins stay in place). I make them look presentable, take pictures, and then add them to my store (: It's a very long process but it's worth every feeling knowing people are buying my work!!"
   Now, that's cute. 
   Personally, I think has  incredibly cute-one-of-a-kind-items. Her charm ideas are great and you can tell she put a lot of time and effort in them. Give her shop a go and support small online shops!  
Syra, love and good vibes to you! (。╯ᴗ╰)〜